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Home » Products » Lens Filters » Ultraviolet (UV) » B+W XS-PRO » B+W #1066125 » B+W 77mm XS-PRO UV Haze Digital MRC Nano 010M Filter
[B+W #1066125]

B+W 77mm XS-PRO UV Haze Digital MRC Nano 010M Filter

The B+W 77mm XS-Pro Ultraviolet (UV) MRC Nano Filter is a wise initial investment. It helps protect your valuable investment from dust, moisture and scratches, which can lead to costly repairs.

The reputation of B+W's Schott glass is world renowned. The high production standards combined with a sturdy brass filter ring make B+W filters hard to beat. These filters have a "heft" to them that is impressive. They may feel heavier but the benefit is in the construction and results. Not only is the glass exceptional but so is the seal between the ring and glass. Schott Glass used in the manufacturing of this filter is legendary and synonymous with the highest standards of filter production.

B+W's MRC Nano coating takes filter production to a new level. It features improved cleaning capabilities. Water droplets will bead up better and be easier to remove from the filter. This filter is also scratch-resistant. Single coating is applied to one layer on each glass surface. This improves light transmission from about 92% (uncoated glass) to more than 98%. It also has certain anti-reflective properties that help prevent against ghosting and internal flaring.

Package includes :

  • 1 x B+W 77mm XS-PRO UV Haze Digital MRC Nano 010M Filter (New Premium Packaging)

Warranty :

  • All filters are guaranteed 100% genuine and original from Schneider Optics, Germany, in brand new condition.

B+W XS-PRO Digital MRC UV Haze 010M Filter

Usage/Application/Effect :

B+W 77mm XS-PRO UV Haze Digital MRC Nano 010M Filter is a UV-cut filter/UV filter/UV-blocking/long pass filter that :

  • * Blocks the UV wavelength range and transmit the visible light.
  • * Blocks the invisible UV component of light from the sky, which can cause blur and to which on many color films can resulting a blue cast.
  • * Eliminates unwanted blue cast, ideal for photography in high altitudes (in the mountains), by the sea and in regions with very clean air.
  • * Protects front element of lens. As the glass is colorless, color rendition is not altered, aside from the elimination of the unwanted blue cast, and no increase in exposure is required. This makes a UV filter a great solution to protect the the lens against dust, airborne sand, sea water spray and the like, and it can be kept on the lens at all times. It is highly recommended for analog color and black-and-white as well as digital photography. On most high end lens (Canon L lens for example), the lens dust; moisture resistance only applies when a UV/Protection filter is screwed on the front thread.
  • * SLIM mounts to avoid vignetting, recommended for ultra wide-angle zoom and fixed focal length lenses.
  • * Helpful when photographing mountain and marine scenes, where increased haze threatens to make your photographs indistinct in color and clarity.

Features and Advantages of the B+W XS-Pro SLIM Brass Mount :

B+W XS-Pro digital filter is tailored made for DSLRs with ultra-wide-angle and zoom lenses and also perfectly suitable for standard lenses with its rich characteristics.

Why choose B+W XS-Pro digital filters?

  • * Extra Slim Brass Mount with Front Thread. Advantages :
  • (i) Extra-slim mount ring that eliminate problems associated with Ultra Wide-Angle lens, when a regular frame filter is mounted on. The extremely thin frame design prevents vignetting in even the widest angle shots.
  • (ii) At 3mm thick, XS-PRO digital filter still offers a front thread for mounting additional accessories such as filters, screw on shades and lens covers.
  • (iii) Filter mount/ring are made of brass to prevent binding with your lens and are matt black to prevent reflections. The part about additional filters not binding is due to the fact that brass is a very stable metal and does not contract or expand like alloy.
  • * Coating is the new generation of B+W Digital MRC (Multi Resistant Coating), eight layers on both sides. This is more suitable for the latest CCD/CMOS technology.
  • * Thinner optical glass, which is 1.2mm from Schott, allowing more light to pass through and less reflection. The thinner the filter glass, the less effect on the final image quality.
  • * Made in Germany by Schneider Optics, the well known lens and professional filter manufacturer.
  • * Retaining Ring holds the filter glass in place from the back. Same as the B+W F-PRO product line, the retaining ring is not threaded in from the front, but holds the filter glass in place from the back. A threaded retaining ring will hold the glass firmly and securely in place to avoid the possibility of rattling and provide perfect parallelity and flatness to your front lens element for ideal optics. Advantages of retaining from back :
  • (i) to ensure high flatness of installation, and also obtain the highest sealed degree of the filter, and thus prevent moisture and dust trapped in the middle of the filter and the lens.
  • (ii) to prevent the retaining ring from being accidentally loosened during the removal of an additional filter or a screw-on lens hood that has been screwed in too tightly.

MRC Nano Coating (Multi Resistant Coating) :

MRC refers to the unique Multi Resistant Coating developed by Schneider-Kreuznach, which comes as standard on B+W XS-Pro Digital Filters. Schneider’s Proprietary MRC (Multi Resistant Coating) is not only an extraordinarily effective multiple layer coating, it is also harder than glass, so that it protects filters from scratches (for instance when cleaning the filters), and it is also water and dirt repellent, thus facilitating filter maintenance.

Advantages of MRC Nano Coating (Multi Resistant Coating) :

  • * MRC provides perfect solution for anti-reflection, brilliant colors and high contrast. Only Schneider lenses and B+W filters are protected by this extremely resistant multi-layer broadband coating (eight layers on both sides; making it a total of 16 layers).
  • * MRC Nano coating improves light transmission.
  • * MRC Nano coating makes it easier to clean the filter - water will bead up faster. The scratch-resistant, water- and dirt-repellent outer layer makes it easier to clean the glass surface.
  • * Due to its low residual reflection, MRC (with anti-reflective properties) helps prevent against ghosting/double images and internal flaring.

B+W MRC UV Haze 010M Filter

B+W UV 010M Filter Transmission Curve

The technical term "Transmission", in reference to an optical system, describes the percentage of incoming light (= 100%) that is actually transmitted. When the transmission is stated for each wavelength, the percentage values can be graphed in the form of a curve that accurately characterizes every color filter.

As shown in the transmission curve below, MRC UV 010M filter allows 99.5% transmission (or its low residual reflection of 0.5%).

B+W UV Filter UV 010 Transmission Curve

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 07 March, 2012.
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